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spilaio alistratis 1 When myth meets reality..

According to Greek mythology at the gorge of Aggitis river, which crosses the area of Alistrati at the point "Petroto", the sphinx appeared.
It is even mentioned that Pluto, the god of Hades, when he stole Persephone, daughter of goddess Demeter, led her to the natural channel (gorge), where the Gate of Hades is located.

The area that is mentioned in mythology is located near the tourist attraction of Alistrati Cave and the other caves of the area.

spilaio alistratis 2Alistrati Cave is located six (6) kilometres southeast of the homonymous village, at the point "Petroto". The land of the area includes 3500 acres.
At a distance of 250 metres from the south part of the cave entrance passes the rail line of Serres - Drama.

Parallel to the rail line, in the south, at a close distance is the bed of Aggitis river. Its waters have corroded the limestones which resulted to the formation of Aggitis Gorge.

The cave is located approximately 50 km. south east of Serres.

spilaio alistratis 3

It is considered one of the larger and most beautiful in Greece and probably of the entire Europe, where nature presented its greater force for the creation of adornments and formations.

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