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Lake Kerkini is located at a short distance from the hotel. It is a unique experience to visit Kerkini wetland, one of the most beautiful places in Greece and one of the 3 or 4 places in Europe for birdwatching and famous for its rich flora and fauna. Many rare and protected by international treaties birds, riparian forests, water lilies floating in an area of thousand acres and a landscape of exceptional beauty, from mountains Belles and Krousia, offer an unsurpassed charm to the area.

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We meet one of the most beautiful places of Greece, with the unique wetland, declared as National Park in accordance with the Ramsar International Convention and one of the 10 Wetlands of International Importance.

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The lake offers the ideal conditions for bird watching. Today it is one of the best places in Europe for natural observation of about 300 rare and protected species that live and breed here. This is the reason why scientists and amateurs from all over the world visit us every year for their projects.

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Over 10,000 birds live in Kerkini any time of the year. There are 10 species of lizards and 12 species of snakes. In the wetland there is a total of 31 fish species. But what most visitors notice the most is the 120 butterfly species. In the middle of the winter they appear only at the warmest days, but the rest of the year they are everywhere abundant and charming. And if you like the night then you will find some of the 350 species of moth. Cute squirrels live in the mountains. If you are lucky you will see deer and, at dusk, hares and foxes, wildcats, hedgehogs and badgers. Also, boars, wolfe packs and jackals live in the mountains. Over 1,000 water buffalo live in Kerkini wetland.

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Their products are sold at local farms and shops and are of great nutritional value, because their meat contains 7 times more iron than beef.

The visitor will definitely include a meal with buffalo cooked in an clay pot.


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