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panagia goumera makrinitsa 1The ascent of the mountain prepares the soul to be uplifted to God.
The holy monastery in Serres Makrynitsa is located on the 4th kilometer north of our hotel. It is at the foot of Mount Kerkini (Belles) in a stunning and majestic landscape that inspires and relaxes the visitors-pilgrims. From the majestic mountain with view of lake Kerkini to the SE and lake Doirani to the SW. The ascent of the mountain prepares the soul to be uplifted to God.


In 1970 the association "Pontian Brotherhood of Kallithea" decided to re-establish the monastery in their new home, Makrynitsa in Serres. Stella Theodoridou and Kanli Veta donated their land in order to provide adequate space for that reason. All the residents of the village together, filled with optimism, cheerfulness and joy, contributed with materials, moral, and financial support as well as with personal work for the construction of the monastery. With the help and grace of Virgin Mary the monastery was inaugurated in June 1971.

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In Makrynitsa, the beautiful and peaceful village, revives the old historic monastery of Panagia Goumera from the lost homelands and particularly the valley of Tsitis in the province of Chaldia of Ardas from Argyroypoli Pontus. The monastery of Panagia Goumera of course did not have the fame and glamor of the historic monasteries of Trapezounda (Panagia Sumela, Saint George Peristereotas and Saint John Vazelonas) but it was an important center of intellectual and cultural development. At the same time its library had many ancient manuscripts of writers and Fathers of the Church (Aristotle, John Chrysostom). Its icons were of rare value and were painted in Vlahia. Until 1914 a boarding school was operating with elementary school, Gymnasio (Junior High School) and Lykeion (Senior high school). It is the year of the disaster. All property was confiscated by the Turks that entered World War I on the side of the Germans.

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