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Few meters down the rail line that passes next to Alistrati cave, Aggitis Gorge, "Vraos" as is it called by the locals, is located.



Who can imagine when and what violent geological rearrangement occurred here, a cosmogonic change that split the earth in two and let the body of water of Prasiada lake to pass, which, as historians say, used to cover the fertile plain of Drama, creating Aggitis gorge one of the most exciting sights in our region.

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Giant blocks of solid rock exist on both sides of the river and tall walls stand to define its course by creating an amazing sight that unfolds in front of you and makes you admire the magnificence of nature.

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There are easier paths where visitors, with the help of a guide can reach the river bank through a narrow path. There the visitor will find quiet beaches and will enjoy the calm flow of water in an atmosphere of absolute silence, interrupted only by the flight of birds.

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