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poroia serrwn 1 smallThe hotel is located on the right side of the villages of Ano Poroia and Kato Poroia.

The square of the village of Kato Poroia is located at a distance of 200 meters, while the square of the village of Ano Poroia is located at a 600 meter distance, going up the mountain. Ano and Kato Poroia are built at the foot of Mount Belles and on the northwest side of Kerkini lake.


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what does the word "Poroia" mean?

According to some, the word "Poroia" is purely of Greek origin and comes from the combination of the words "Poros" (passage, crossing) and "ria" (flow) or from the steep ground (aprox).





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Kato Poroia was inhabited many centuries ago, and there is much evidence to suggest this. We ought to note that at Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos there is a 13th-14th century map, which was created by a monk of the monastery, and includes the major cities of Northern Greece mentioning Poroia. What is particularly important is that the source of the monk, as he mentions in the map, is the geographer Stravonas, who lived in the early 2nd century.

It is also important to know that Poroia had its own electricity network (before the WWII when there was no Public Power Corporation (PPC).

Today only a few houses remain from the old village.


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