REFANIDIS hotel prices and reservation
DOT Double suite for two people: 60€/night
DOT Suite with bedroom for two people: 70€/night
DOT Bridal suite for two people: 120€/night

- All rooms except the bridal suite can accommodate a child.

- Breakfast is included in the prices.

- Prices are valid except holidays and weekend.

To ask for availability, or for any other information, please contact us:

emailButton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
con tel +30 23270 28000
con mobile +30 697 73 47 203

To complete your reservation a 30%
deposit is required to the following National Bank Account:

BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 812-602175-18
IBAN: GR0501108120000081260217518

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Hotel contact information

Folders-OS-Info-Metro-icon Address:
Kato Poroia, Serres.

Drives-iPhone-Metro-icon Telephone:
+30 23270 28.000

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