There are many tavernas and ouzeris in our region able to satisfy the demands for every taste.

We suggest:

«Evora» The food surpise
One of the best taverns in the area. Very nice place in the exterior and the interior as well. It is constructed with stone and, in the interior, a small creek passes beside some tables. There is a lower level in the cellar for more privacy. The staff (family business) is very helpful and polite. You will find traditional Perek up to buffalo cooked into a clay pot, deer and local meat. Tel.+302327023395

«Psaras» trout -tavern
Tavern of a trout fishing farm. Theodorakelis family is the owner. It is located at Ano Poroia, up in the forest. Web site: Tel.+302327051500

Ouzeri-tsipouradiko in the central square of Kato Poroia. Tel.+306974949836

Traditional grill-house «Dedis» (Rodopolis)
A nice tavern with fresh local meat. Tel.+302327022597

Tavern «Koboloi» (Rodopolis)
Another traditional tavern with local meat.

«Tavern «Kioski» (Kato Poroia)
Grilled meat, fish and a lot more unique tastes which you can enjoy in very reasonable prices. Tel.+302327022018

«Pame Plateia» Ano Poroia square
A new small tavern for which we guarantee its amazing cuisine.

«Ihor» Café- Bar, Music stage at Kato Poroia.

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